Swegways becoming the hot gadget of 2015


Swegways are all the rage at the moment. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you would’ve heard or seen a swegway.

Swegways are a combo of a Segway and a skateboard, the electrical board allows users to manoeuvre without a handle bar, giving the use the effect of floating around. At £300 Swegways are not the cheapest gadget in the world, however it’s blowing up with stores such as Swegway Board offering the must have gadget in a variety of colours.

The board itself is environmentally friendly, running from a battery lasting on average 3-4 hours, with a top speed of 10mph, the board is ideal for personal transportation to the shop, friends house or anyway to may need to travel too.

With lights attached to the board, you can also take advantage of the gadget at night, and is certainly an head turner as people want to see what cool board is under your feet.

Swegways are becoming a big trend of 2015, and is an ideal gift for the upcoming holiday season. If you’ve yet to see one in action then check out the hundreds of video flooding onto YouTube of users unboxing and using it for the first time.

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